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HELPER with canvas

Helper s palctou

These are the trailers of new model serie´s of MARO Kralovice s.r.o. concern. We managed to cohere its high utility value with its low price. Braking biaxial HELPERs are due to the usage of high-quality materials and its low price suitable for all logistic, constructional, garden and other companies usage. It serves as a very useful helper also for promoters and for other private daily life needs. We offer the trailer either as a platform trailer or as an aluminous sideboards one. These alu sideboards are simply demountable, by this the platform trailer, useful for transport of either wider or longer things than the loading area is, is simply made. The trailer is also possible to be made in a design speed of 100 kilometres per hour. We offer also canvas design trailer with the height of the canvas construction 1800 or 2200 mm above its sideboards. At request it is possible to make an arbitrary construction high.

Code Help 1/2000

68 800.00 CZK

with VAT: 83 248.00 CZK

MR serie trailer with a high custom canvas

Plecháč s celní plachtou

We shoulder the trailers with a custom canvas 900 mm or 1200 mm above its sideboards. This canvas is put on welded construction that is all put into columns placed on trailer´s angles.

Code 11888

16 726.89 CZK

with VAT: 20 239.54 CZK

EMIL with a strickling canvas

Valník se shrnovací plachtou

Biaxial braked trailers EMIL of total weight 2000-3500 kilos. Frame of it is very steady and welded protected with hot dip galvanizing not to gather rust. Its floor is made of an exterior waterproof foliated plywood of width 18 mm in an antiskid adjustment. These trailers are in the offer either with a canvas construction or without. Its loading area varies from 3700 to 9800 mm. The high of canvas construction is optional up to the high of 3300 mm. The colour of the canvas is also optional.Trailes are suitable for high loading.

Code 2222

161 413.00 CZK

with VAT: 195 309.73 CZK

Model 2007 without canvas

MODEL 2007

Trailers are equipped with a high laminate cover. Opening of the cover is from behind forward.

Code 2223

10 832.50 CZK

with VAT: 13 107.33 CZK

Model 2007 with a warping canvas

MARO 03 plech + přetah

This model is without construction

Code 2224

11 847.90 CZK

with VAT: 14 335.96 CZK

Model 2007 with a laminate cover

Model 2007 s laminátem

Trailers are equipped with a laminate cover that is openable from behind forward.

Code 2225

16 710.00 CZK

with VAT: 20 219.10 CZK

MR serie trailer with a low laminate cover

- S laminátovým víkem

These trailers are equipped with a low laminate cover of 200 mm with the opening from behind forward. The cover is secured with springs in an open position.

Code 11867

17 232.00 CZK

with VAT: 20 850.72 CZK

MR serie trailer with a high laminate cover

Plecháč s vysokým laminátem

The cover is 400 mm high and can be mounted on the version number 05 only.

Code 2265

23 687.00 CZK

with VAT: 28 661.27 CZK

Plywood trailer with a warping canvas

- S přetahovací plachtou

This is a plywood trailer (2060x1110x400) with a warping canvas. Its trade name is MR 03 plywood.

Code 11788

14 710.74 CZK

with VAT: 17 800.00 CZK

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