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Canoe holder

- Držák na přepravu lodí

Code For 8 canoe

7 500.00 CZK

with VAT: 9 075.00 CZK

Folding MARO 06 S

Practical KIPP

This profi serie trailer is with its loading area foldable and is suitable for four-wheeler, garden tractor and other mechanisation transport. Its steady steel frame is treated with hot dip galvanizing not to gather rust. Its floor is made of an exterior foliated plywood 15 mm

Code 2603

17 108.00 CZK

with VAT: 20 700.68 CZK

All-aluminous trailer of ALU Profi serie without any canvas


All aluminium trailer of ALU PROFI serie is intended not only for the most exacting customers. Aluminium anodized sideboards and latches make the appearance of trailers very luxury indeed and warrant its maximal atmospheric resistance. Trailer of ALU PROFI serie is equipped with its front and back faces opening as a part of a standard equipment. At extra cost it is also possible to order the trailer of a LUXURY serie with its black lacquered columns, with perforated reling, modern split lights and ALU discs. We offer the trailer in an unbraking version of 750 kilos of total weight, in a braking uniaxial version of 750-1300 kilos of total weight and lastly in a braking biaxial version of total weight 2000-2500 kilos


15 964.00 CZK

with VAT: 19 316.44 CZK

Folding trailer with a high custom canvas

ALU profi kipp

This foldable trailer is of the most modern construction. Sideboards are made of a zinc-coated steel and its floor is made of an exterior foliated plywood. Total weight of the trailer is 750 kilos. A design speed 100km per hour is already included in its standing charge. The trailer is equipped with is mechanically foldable loading area, which is appreciable especialy when loose material is beeing discharged . Due to its foldable loading area it is very easy to unload a reaping machine, garden tractor, four-wheeler or any other machine.

Code MARO06S s plachtou

27 142.00 CZK

with VAT: 32 841.82 CZK

BV/60/1 side board latch with a counterpart

MG 6123.JPG

Code 2320

60.00 CZK

with VAT: 72.60 CZK

cs: Zámek přípojného kloubu SAFETY-BOX-K

MG 5748.JPG

Code 2945

743.80 CZK

with VAT: 900.00 CZK

- Odrazka kulatá bílá přední

MG 7163.JPG

Code 30.0001.020

20.66 CZK

with VAT: 25.00 CZK

cs: Odrazka bílá kulatá s dírou

MG 7160.JPG

Code 30.0003.020

20.66 CZK

with VAT: 25.00 CZK

BV/10/1 side board latch with a counterpart BVG/10A

MG 6115.JPG

Code 2327

126.67 CZK

with VAT: 153.27 CZK

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