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Red express


Trailers of RED EXPRESS model serie´s are of the highest quality construction designed for  3 motorcycles transport, four-wheeler transport, garden tractor transport, reaping machine transport,
water scooter transport, bicycle transport, it is simply suitable for transport of anything needed for your comfortable recreation, company purpose or just for an ordinary living needs.  Floor of the trailer is made of pressed high-resistant galvanized sheet for better stability of transported motocycles. If you are not transporting motorcycles for that moment, front wheels stabilizer can be easily demounted. Trailers are equipped with the low aluminous lacquered sideboards with protective reling for its easy lashing purpose. There are 2 lightweight aluminous incursions placed under the loading area. We offer this trailer in an unbraked option of total weight of 750 kilos or those in a braked option of total weight of 750-1300 kilos.

Code Title en11 en13 en15 en12 en14 Price without VAT: with VAT:  
RED EXPRESS1 - 2100*1460 750 600 155R13 Ocel děrovaná 25 740.00 31 145.40
RED EXPRESS 2 - 2500*1460 750 550 155R13 Ocel děrovaná 29 990.00 36 287.90
RED EXPRESS 3 - 2100*1460 1300 1050 155R13C Ocel děrovaná 33 420.00 40 438.20
RED EXPRESS4 - 2500*1460 1300 1000 155R13C Ocel Děrovaná 37 580.00 45 471.80
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