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Tandem trailers 3500- 18 000 kilos

Tandem trailers 3500- 18 000 kilos

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Tandemové trailers up to 18 000 kilos

- Tandomové valníky ROADSTER

These are the tandem trailers of ROADSTER model serie of total weight of 3500-18 000 kilos. They are made of the most modern high fort steel materials that warrant its high fort and an outstanding riding properties of the undercart and in the same time an inclinable curb weight. We supply the trailer as following: - an undercart to finishing - a platform trailer - a platform trailer with a tarpaulin - a platform trailer with canvas stricking of either one, two or thre sizes - a box trailer Undercart of the trailer is protected with hot dip galvanizing and with resistant polyuretane colours not to gather rust. Trailer is shouldered wit BPW axle aggregate with an aerial springing, WABCO braking system and also with the possibility of adjusting of undercart´s height above a ground. An aluminous or steel floor can be additionally ordered.

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