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Selling stall

Selling stall

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Imbiss- the selling stall

- Prodejní stánky

We supply the stalls in the dimensions given by customer and these stalls are put either on an uniaxial or on a biaxial undercart. The stalls are offered either with its supplements or without (it depends on the customer). An adapter 220 V, a distribution into 4 female plugs, inner lighting for 12 V and 120 V, a selling window, a counter, an entering lockable doors accessible from a trailer´s drawbar, all these belong to the basic equipment of the trailer. This trailer can be used as a mobile office (e.g for an exposition distributions ). In case of equipment demands the price depends on the kind of equipment and on the type of appliances.

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197 000.00 CZK

with VAT: 238 370.00 CZK