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Big Star with laminate wheel covers

Big Star +


Big Star- Luxus is the approved Big Star Trailer in de luxe finish. The Trailer has got an allu-alloy wheel rims, an extra shocks, advanced interior aeration and perfectly smooth inner walls are also the innovation. The Trailer is also furnished with modern laminated wheel covers and with an in-build lighting..

Big Star LUXUS with printing of Motive 1
It´s also possible to print the
hinter tarpaulin with a Motive.
Trailer fittings
Profi Horse Trailer are fully equipped for
the transport of two horses.
To the basic equipment belongs:
- gum nonskid floor-  8 mm width
- special nonskid gum at the ramp
- auxiliary stays for easy ramp levitation
- 2 aerating plastic windows
- interior lighting
- padded space for horses
- horses parting bar
- 4 adjustable constraints
- feeding laundry
- harness room+ a withdrawable seddle holder
- standby wheel 
- Scotch blocks
- supporting wheel folding automatically
- self-scroll tarpaulin above the ramp
- Paniksystem- for horses blocked inside

Nonskid gum on the floor
The floor of the Trailer is made out of an
exterior plywood ( 18 mm width ) with
a special antiskid gum glued-on.
Special antiskid gum on the ramp
It´s a special gum matt designed for the horse
Trailers with antiskid fillet.
Ramp is equipped with gas shorings
enabling easy shutting.
Aerating plastic windows
Plastic windows have a several airing positions
enabling air exchange.
Padded space for horses
Minimizing possibility of horse injury.
Horses parting bar
It´s offered in 2 variants. Either in standard
version- exterior foliated plywood,
or in an iron frame with a plastic infilling.
Adjustable constraints
Enabling good fixation when horse transporting,
it has several adjustable positions
according to the horse size.
Harness room+ a withdrawable seddle holder
Enabling a storage of 2 pieces of seddle
without the risk for scratching. Harness room
is for an extra cost.
Self-scrolling tarpaulin
While unlocking, the hinter tarpaulin will roll-up.
Unsophisticated machinery- when horse lock
itself into the front obstacle,
you can easily unlatch it.

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BIG STAR + - 3300*1640*2200 2000 1180 185/70R14 Multiplex + guma 8 mm 129 000.00 156 090.00
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