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MR 12 TA

12 TA

This auto transporter is of 3000-3500 kilos of total weight designed for two cars transport. Slides of the trailer are either aluminous or it is a perforated steel treated with a hot-dip galvanizing. The trailers are equipped with a revolving roller and either with a Schelgl (SRN) or an AL-KO (SRN) axles. Its frame is very fort so it will not creep even when heavy cars are loaded and transported. This trailer is of the precious driving properties even thought the trailer is quite long.

Code 2131

111 194.00 CZK

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This fashionably designed auto transporter had been evolved that way its driving and utility properties were as proficient as they can. Its frame is made of a high-fort fine steel which warrants its high-fort and an ideal driving properties. All steel elements are at once relieved by perforation and braced with skimming. The trailer is protected by hot-dip galvanizing not to gather rust. A departure angle had been optimized so that it was possible to run up the auto transporter also with the low-floor cars. A revolving roller and a spare wheel are standard equipment´s components. Very good riding properties, a modern design and the favourable price are merits of the RAPID..

Code RAPID 1

74 900.00 CZK

with VAT: 90 629.00 CZK

CHEAP- the cheapest autotransporter in CZ


An auto transporter able to transport one car called CHEAP is offered in two total weight options- either 2000 or 2500 kilos. This is the lower and the lighter auto transporter on the market. Low-lying loading area warrants an outstanding driving properties and its unladed weight 490 kilos anable the transport of the heaviest cars. Standard equipment´s components are a roller, supporting wheel fitted on a drawbar and steel high-steady incursions. These trailers are available at a very advantegous cost.

Code CHEAP 2

49 900.00 CZK

with VAT: 60 379.00 CZK

LENKA- folding ATP

Grand Prix

LENKA is a folding auto transporter of a modern construction intended not only for car transport purpose. Trailers are folding hydraulically and simple unloading and on-loading of transported cars is its great merit. These are either of 2000 or 2500 kilos total weight. It is also possible, at request, to make the one of total weight 3500 kilos. The incursions fitted under the loading area are components of standard equipment. It can also be eked out with a loading ramp next with 350 mm aluminous sideboards of an ELOX adjustment and with a custom canvas it may be supplemented too. Its floor is made of an exterior foliated plywood 18 mm with grounding fixtures built-in. Alternatively there can also be given a perforated steel floor or the aluminous one. The trailer can be shouldered with frame and with canvas or the box superstructure can be implemented.

Code 2263

90 100.00 CZK

with VAT: 109 021.00 CZK

cs: Silverstone


Code 222111-1

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