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Platform trailer with a strickling canvas

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Superstructures with a strickling canvas

- Shrnovací konstrukce

We offer the platform trailer superstructures in many ways of construction and for all trailers of 3 500-18 000 kilos total weight. Supporting frame of the construction can be provided either in an aluminous fulfilment or it can be welded or prebuilt- both with hot dip galvanizing treatment. Each of those is designed to be at once fort enough and lighten as much as possible. All components such as plastic wheel covers and constraints against passing under are included in a standing charge of the trailer already. These superstructures are offered as a bare platform trailer, next as a platform trailer with a canvas (canvas construction high is optional, so is a colour of it) An additional available components: Tool box 120 litres 5600,- CZK Water chamber 1500,- CZK Grounding scales floor in-built 250,- CZK /1 piece Grounding scales frame in-built 450,- CZK/1 piece

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